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One thing that makes Ars Magica unique and interesting is that all of the players can make suggestions for all of the characters, because during the course of a Saga, it is possible for all players to play all of the characters. Ars Magica is after all a Storytelling game, rather than a regular role-playing game.

This Saga is still at its planning stages; collating notes and ideas, collecting players and developing characters.

“Nothing is more important to role-playing than character development. If you slowly develop your character over the course of the Saga, your alter-ego becomes alive with personality and vigor, as does your roleplaying. Don’t worry about accounting for every aspect of a characters personality from the very start; rely on the events of the Saga to flesh out the bare bones. When creating a character you should decide on some goal to pursue, passions to reveal, and dreams to fulfill. Answering these questions contributes to the development of the Saga.”

p.342 Ars Magica 3rd Edition

When copy/pasting a CharacterSheet into a Character Page, please use the top section (Description, crunch) for the copy/paste and the bottom section (Biography, fluff) for original concept, outline, notes and ideas. One thing always useful for characters is to write a paragraph each for Background, Motivation, Personality, Description.

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