Master Wolfsmoke

Infamous Diabolist, Parens of Criamon Ferigus


“Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste. I’ve been around for a long, long year, Stole many a man’s soul and faith…”

Master Wolfsmoke is an infamous diabolist, specialising in the summoning and cavorting of demons, especially those involved with money, sex and power. He has enough success rate to have remained relatively unscathed for the most part, usually by sacrificing others in exchange for escaping the wrath of the angered minions of hell.

One of his great caveat is to have recognised the Augustinian Scribe, Friar Ferigus to be a potential Magi and to have taken him on as an apprentice. Wolfsmokes education of Ferigus has been basic rather than broad-based, and it was many years before Ferigus realised how involved with Diabolry his master had become over the years.

Ferigus is known to have said; “I no longer recognise the man in the monster that my master has become.” Ferigus never completed his full apprenticeship, has never been presented at Tribunal. Wolfsmoke taunts his apprentice, often by the summoning of minor demons to irritate him, or by spreading malicious lies about him in the local taverns to the superstitious peasants.

Master Wolfsmoke is a Magus of House Criamon. He has some funds from both business acumen (brothels) and banditry, and no morality left whatsoever. He is educated, mostly in people and psychology; and well traveled. It is likely that he is no longer fully human due to his dabbling with demonic entities.

Master Wolfsmoke

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