Wales Castles

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Also to be included in the overview of UK is the 13th century Magna Carta of 1215AD, representing the first documented version of the Ancestral Common Law of Mercia/Britain that unified all the tribes (do not hurt, steal, use trickery & keep the peace).

King John of Britain 1166 – 1216

Wales Castles & Southwest Sites

The following regions are likely to belong to the Stonehenge Tribunal, however the Southwest of the river severn estuary is largely underwater compared with todays map, and islands and swamps, wheras the northern river severn, south Wales, has lots of castles built between the 11thC and 13thC, and a lot of warring and trading.

There is also a story that the West coast of Wales originally (date unknown) was a lot further west but it sank (as a curse upon the greed of its coastal traders). For the sake of this chronicle, a decision must be made whether to accept a wide swamp region across the west coast of wales that is not listed on todays maps, and various sites upon it.

It would make an interesting feature to explore this in the story. Allowance of players to know the meta-structure of our Saga’s plot is likely given the ability for fortune tellers and scryers and magi to peer into possible futures and foresee such events, being a regular discussion topic on many peasants minds.

“A castle is a type of fortified structure, developed in Europe during the Middle Ages, with those in England largely being built between the 11th and 13th centuries.”
from Somerset Castles

Many of the medieval Castles listed in UK are described as “technology learned during the Crusades”

“Wales has more castles than any other part of Britain.”
from list of wales castles

Caldicot Castle 11thC-14thC
Caldicot Castle pictures
Chepstow Castle 11thC-14thC
Newport Castle 14thC
Geoffry of Monmouth describes Caerleon as ‘the most important town in Britain’
Caerleon maps
Cardiff Castle 11thC
Carmarthen Castle 11thC-13thC MERLIN
BlackBookCarmarthen 13thC mentions Arthur&Merlin
Carmarthen Castle pictures
Merlin/Nurenberg 15thC
Kidwelly Castle 13thC-15thC

Somerset (Southwest of River Severn)
“During the early medieval period the sea reached the base of the hill, close to the mouth of the River Avill, offering a natural defence and making the village an inland port. Several Iron Age hillforts were built close to Dunster, including Bat’s Castle, Black Ball Camp and Grabbist Hill, but the earliest evidence of a fortification at Dunster was an Anglo-Saxon burgh. This was built on the summit of the hill and was possibly intended to protect the region against sea-borne raiders; by the mid-11th century it was controlled by a local nobleman called Aelfric”
from Dunster Castle, Somerset

Southwest England (south of river Severn) is famously involved with many Arthurian myths and has some fabulous sites on it, Glastonbry Abbey, Avalon, etc. The river Severn is named from a Saxon description, it translates as ‘Sea-Dragon’, their name for the estuary where shellfish from the mudflaps and birds eggs from the wildfowl are a stable diet of many swamp dwellers. It was the Cistercian monks of Tintern Abbey who dug irrigation canals on both sides of the estuary and converted it to arable farmland for cows and sheep.

Berkeley Castle 11th-15thC
on the river severn, had major involvement with politics at around this time.

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Glastonbury, Avalon, Arthur, Grail

Wales Castles

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