Wysoka Górka w Chełmie HIGH HILL in CHELM

High Hill – early medieval stronghold located on Castle Hill, which is a central hill within the city of Chelm, then lock Prince Danylo, Duke of Halych-Volhynia, built in the thirteenth century. From the Middle Ages (XII-XVI century) Christian place of worship.

Artificially dug elevation is about 15 meters high (over the top of Castle Hill), cylindrical platform mound with a diameter of 45-60 m peak 1, the surface of the grip about 60 to 40 m Archaeological research conducted in the years 1964 to 1966 revealed the existence of Here wood and stone fortifications of the tenth century, forming part of the defense system, created by the tribal relationship Lędzian Sandomierz (its function was to guard the eastern border of their territory). The entrance to it was from the north.

In 1240, he erected a castle Prince Danylo, also known as Daniel Romanowicz. Created stone palace and the church dedicated to St. John Złotoustemu. The building, which was unveiled during archaeological excavations, was built of limestone and green tip-hewn blocks of limestone mortar, had a length of 57 m, width 22.5 mi wall thickness of 2 m 1.

In 1349, Casimir the Great brought here stone tower defense (5 of 5 m).

According to some sources, in 1789 the former castle of Prince Danylo was still in total and was the design for the most part wooden, built on a high podmurowaniu, had a high tower, wooden, other lower brick, next to the brick building was located. At the end of the nineteenth century, the castle leaving only the foundation. 2

Embankment was initially higher, but in 1876 the tsarist authorities splantowały it. Created from the south side of the entrance in the form of ramps. The square was built a chapel of St. St. Cyril and Methodius (1884), which in 1921 was pulled down to the ground. For the rest of the base in 1928 schoolchildren usypała mound Tenth Anniversary of Independence (approximately 3 m) – located in the center of the high hills.

In the years 1964-1966 there archaeological research conducted which resulted in the discovery include:

  • Wood-and-stone of the structure box shaft;
  • Częstokołu five rows of oak logs – located on the edge of the shaft;
  • The foundations of the castle of Prince Daniel;
  • Tower foundation Kazimierzowska 3.

In 1983, the hill was a natural monument. At the foot of the embankment growing variety univalent ash which is also a monument of nature.

September 7, 1998, Fr. Archbishop Jozef Zycinski blessed the Jubilee Cross on Mound Independence.

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